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Valerie GoettschHi, I’m Valerie Goettsch. For years now I’ve enjoyed making photo books and other photo projects using my family photos. And I discovered something: you never need to pay full price. There are ALWAYS good deals available. The key is checking sites often and being a little flexible on your timing if you can. I can help you out so you don’t haveĀ  to keep checking different sites to see who has the best deal. I do all that busy work for you and list all the current offers on one handy page. And if you sign up for my newsletter I’ll even let you know when there are especially good deals like BOGOs (buy one get one free).

Here’s a tip: if you have a favorite photo company you like to use, go ahead and make your photo book or stationery cards or canvas print or whatever it is you want, and then leave it in your online cart. Then when you find a great deal on my coupons page you’re all ready to jump on it without a last minute scramble to put together a 40-page book or edit 50 photos for printing.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back often so you can take advantage of the latest photo deals.

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